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New Beginnings Prison Ministry


The New Beginnings Prison Ministry was lead by Rev. Stephen Jackson, as part of his own ministry called the One Stop Vision Center.

Organized in 1997 as the Vision, the ministry stood for Victory Is Shouting In Our Neighborhoods, Inc. It started with just a couple services to offer ex-offenders counseling, mentoring and employment or job placement.  After a few years in operation, Vision grew to become a well known organization to the at-risk youth, ex-offender, and low-income population.

Through the years, other services were added and the ministry became known as the One Stop Vision Center for this special population of people because of the many services offered in one location.  Services now include: counseling (pre-marriage, marriage), HIV/AIDS Testing & Counseling and awareness workshops, anger management mentoring, employment/job placement, community service site, tutoring and Vocational Accredited Level One Trade programs.

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