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As with any ministry, we have financial needs which must be met. Thankfully God has given us the wisdom to establish budgets which can be met by the ministry itself without having to rely signficiantly upon others for our continued operations.

That being said, however, we have had many people over the years go through our deliverance and also through our training programs who have later asked if they could make financial contributions to our ministry. As a result of these numerous requests, we have established a partner program, allowing others to provide one-time or monthly contributions to the ministy as a Living Free Partner.

The Living Free Partner program provides a means to allow financial contributions to Warfare Plus, allowing us to invest in expansion of the ministry beyond our current capabilities and reach. The freedom we have seen so many people receive through deliverance needs to be available to everyone. We wish to do so, and financial contributions from our partners are helping to make this a reality.

If you would like more information on the partner program prior to commiting, that's very much appreciated, and you can Click Here to contact us for more information.

Thank you for your interests in Living Free!